The O'Dive solution

Discover the different offers available and choose the one that corresponds to your diving practice.

Operation of the app

1. Acoustic measurements

  • The sensor is placed under the right then left clavicles for 20 seconds
  • Measurements are carried out 30 minutes and 60 minutes after surfacing (for air dives)

2. Dive parameters

  • The application retrieves dive data from the dive computer
  • The information is uploaded to Azoth Systems’ servers

3. Result and dive planner

  • The result is available less than 5 minutes later
  • Thanks to the simulation tool, it is possible to visualize the potential benefit of several parameters

Adapted to each practice

The O’Dive application is divided into 4 versions to adapt to all diving practices (for diving centers & instructors: see our partner offers).
It is possible to upgrade one’s version as one’s practice evolves.

For recreational divers who dive with air or nitrox to 40 meters depth.

For technical divers in open circuit trimix or rebreather to 85 meters depth.

For recreational divers who dive open circuit with air or nitrox to 60 meters depth.

For technical divers in open or closed circuit to 125 meters depth, with possibility of heliox.

Details of the different versions

(individual versions – recreational and technical diving exclusively)

Dive importYesYesYesYes
GF managementYesYesYesYes
Dive planner options
Open circuit – Air 40mYesYesYesYes
Open circuit – NTX 40%O2YesYesYesYes
Open circuit – Air 60mYesYesYes
Open circuit – NTX 100%O2YesYesYes
Open circuit – TMX 85mYesYes
Closed circuit – Air 45mYesYes
Closed circuit – TMX 85mYesYes
Open circuit – TMX 125mYes
Closed circuit – TMX 125mYes
HELIOX 125mYes
Price excl. VAT (professionals, non-EU export)533.33 €575 €658.33 €700 €
Price incl. VAT (France, EU)640 €690 €790 €840 €