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Azoth Systems has developed an innovation that – for the first time in the world – allows scuba divers to personalise their diving practice by taking into consideration the gas microbubbles detected in their venous system after diving.


O’Dive enables divers to gain self-knowledge, to measure their practice’s quality level and to improve their safety while diving.


O’Dive has been developed over 10 years of Research & Development, resulting in 4 research thesis and several patents.


Your dive quality is determined through an index that takes your dive parameters and your own bubble measurements into account.

What is it about?


O’Dive is complementary with the dive computer. It consists of a vascular microbubbles  sensor (ultrasound Doppler technology) combined with a server that analyses your personal measurements and your diving data.

An innovation for your safety

After each dive followed by measurements, O’Dive determines a dive quality index set between 0 to 100%. Thus, the diver can easily control his practice. A personalised simulator shows the added value of several options that can help improve his safety.

A solution for you

Providing tools to help divers stepping back from their practice and allowing them dive after dive to improve their self-knowledge and to better anticipate their own body’s reactions are at the very heart of O’Dive innovation.

Choose the sensor that suits you

O'dive one plongée plonge microbulle

O'dive One

O'Dive ONE addresses to open circuit air & nitrox divers.

O'dive Tek micro bulles plongée

O'dive Tek

O'Dive TEK addresses to trimix open circuit & rebreathers divers.

O'dive plongée microbulles capteur dopleur

O'dive Club

O’Dive Club offers are intended for diving associations and professionals (including diving centers) willing to take advantage of O’Dive services for themselves or their customers.

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